How do I get Alerts/Events configured in NFA to show up in CAPC as Events?


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


  1. Configure Alerts based on various thresholds and filters in the "Adminstration->Alerts" page shown below.

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    Figure 1

  2. In the NFA "Adminstration->Appplication Settings" page set the "Trap Destinations" field to the IP address of the NFA console and NOT the CAPC server.

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    Figure 2

    The way this works is the Alerts are generated from NFA as Traps, and CAPC's Event Manger does not listen for Traps, but the NFA Console does. So the trap is redirected back to itself on the NFA Console and the then the events are pushed up to the CAPC server.

  3. Once traps start to be generated they will be logged in the NFA console server's 'TrapReceiverLog*.log' file, you can check here to verify traps are being sent.
  4. Verify the Threshold Alerts in NFA are now showing up as Threshold Events in CAPC's "Event Display" view.

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    Figure 3


Component: NQRACO


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