CA 7 11.3 to v12.0, daily backup job (SASSBK00 program) failed.
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CA 7 11.3 to v12.0, daily backup job (SASSBK00 program) failed.


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After upgraded our CA 7 from release 11.3 to 12.0, our daily backup job (SASSBK00 Program) failed. I believe that this backup is no longer needed since the upgrade but can you let me know what is the equivalent job to back the CA Datacom/AD database for CA 7.



Release : 12.1

Component : CA-7


Now with CA 7 Release 12.0 using CA Datacom/AD database, we have 3 types of backups that you can use..

Hot Backup

Stable Backup

Data Dictionary Backup

See Full details here:

The Two most important backups are….


You can schedule a Hot Backup (AL2DBHOT) once a day , let's say preferably during a period of low CA 7 activity. So better to do this after the end of the nightly batch workload.

With this hot backup it is also important to build the LXX Log SPILL activity , an example is documented in the Technical Document below Article Id:44504.


A Stable Backup should be anyway scheduled each time the CA7ONL task is closed (it can be done automatically after the task closure)


The Data Dictionary Backup is used as protection against unrecoverable DASD problems.

Please see Technical Documents:

Article Id:96542

Article Title:CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition r12.0 Hot and Stable Backup and Recovery


Article Id:44504

Article Title:LXX keeps filling when trying to import ca7 db.