PAM Hardware Appliance serial number blank or 'N/A'
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PAM Hardware Appliance serial number blank or 'N/A'


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


When accessing the 'Hardware Identifier' tab in the 'System Info' window we realize that the Hardware Serial Number is shown as blank or 'N/A'.

Generating the sysinfo file, we also obtain 'N/A' or a blank value:

How can I obtain the hardware serial number of a PAM hardware appliance?


Product: Layer 7 Privileged Access Manager running on a hardware appliance.
Version: Any.


In Xceedium times (before the CA-Technologies acquisition) the hardware appliances were provided to customers by Xceedium itself.
Before delivering them to customers, they stored the serial numbers in the appliance's firmware, so it could be retrieved via software from the PAM client.

After the CA-Technologies acquisition, the hardware appliances management was transferred to an external company and it seems that they do not do the same.
So, the serial numbers are no longer available via software.


The hardware serial number of a PAM Server hardware appliance can be found in a label sticked to the appliance itself.
Concretely, it is a 12 digits value next to "Serial#:" string.

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