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Load balancing using SDM Web Engines and Web Directors.


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CA Service Desk Manager CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


How do SDM Load balancing work between multiple web-engines.


Release :14.x and Higher
Component: Service Desk Manager


1. Configure multiple web-engines(ex: pdmweb.exe ,pdmweb1.exe and pdmweb2.exe) successfully.

2. When You launch the SDM URL "http://server:8080/CAisd/pdmweb.exe"-> it will direct you to either 




Based on the Load on each web-engine.

3. To check the load, Run "pdm_webstat" command, It will show cumulative sessions, most sessions at a time and current active sessions on each web-engine.
Below image will show you an example with single Login on each web-engine.

4. If "cummulative Sessions so far" from above command output is equal on all web-engines then 

1st Login  will direct to: pdmweb.exe
2nd Login  will direct to: pdmweb1.exe 
3rd Login  will direct to: pdmweb2.exe

If "cummulative Sessions so far" -> Is not equal on each web-engine -> then all the login request will be directed to that web-engine which has less count. Until the sessions are equal on each web-engine.
That is How load balancing is achieved

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