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How to move NFA Data Source from old to new Performance Management environment


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I want to remove the NFA Data Source from the current Performance Management environment and add it to the new Performance Management environment without impacting the current environment.


All supported Performance Management releases


Moving to a new environment to host the Performance Management software environment.


The short answer here is just delete the NFA Data Source from the old Performance Management system. Then add it to the new one as a new Data Source.

If the new Performance Management environment is a clean new environment, one with no knowledge of anything from the old environment, no further action is likely necessary.

In some instances the following additional steps may need to be taken.

  • On the old system, after deleting the NFA Data Source, you'll probably want to clean up the Orphaned Groups that'll be left over. It's discussed in the following Knowledge Base article.
  • After you add NFA as a Data Source to the new PM system check the Inventory->Data Sources->NFA->User Defined Groups (and possibly Permission Sets if you have it).

    • Delete everything under here, these are the old groups from old PM.

    • There may be some NFA only created groups that were user created before adding to old PM. If so, delete all except those, or just recreate them as needed.

  • There may be SNMP profiles from the old NFA with names like "default|public : X : Y". These can probably be deleted. Cleanup anything not needed.

  • NFA keeps the old PM groups, SNMP profiles and Tenants/Domains when it's removed. There isn't anything on the NFA side that gets removed when it's deleted from PM as a Data Source. Manual cleanup may be necessary on the NFA UI.

  • You may be able to go into NFA UI (BEFORE re-adding to new PM) and cleanup SNMP Profiles and/or Groups as needed.