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What is my Site id? 

Need help in finding my site id?

Where can I get my site id?

How to request for my site id?


The Support Site ID or often referred to as Support ID, SID, or just Site ID is located in the Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) email from Broadcom Software Delivery at the close of your contract or contract renewal and is sent to the "Technical Contact" on the contract.

The ESD email contains your enterprise Site ID, contract number, and other information you need to register and download your Broadcom products. If you need help in finding your Site ID, please use the Support Site ID request Form to request your Site ID.



1. Enter your email address and click on the search icon (This will enable all the other fields).

2. Enter your company name.

3. Search for the entitled product.

Note: To find a valid site id, please select at least one product out of all your entitled products.

4. Provide additional information like the contract number, serial number, old/previous site id, or Mirror a colleague site access. If you do not have any information, please select "I don't have additional information."

Note: Not providing additional information may delay our ability to find your Site ID.

5. Click on submit. The team will get back to you with your site id. 

To expedite the process, please use our chatbot and provide the reference id, the team will assist you further.