Building Custom Reports with Symantec Endpoint Encryption Management Server


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Endpoint Encryption


Symantec Encryption Management Server has the ability to create reports, however, some of the reports may be missing columns you may want to use.

This article will go over the steps to add more columns to your reporting.


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As an example, in order to add columns to one report, open Symantec Endpoint Encryption Manager (SEEMS console) and expand "Symantec Endpoint Encryption Reports".

Click on "Computer Status Report".  To the right, put a % in the search field and click "Run".  You will see the existing reporting data.

Now, right click "Computer Status Report" and select "Configure Columns Displayed"

You can now select all the columns for your report that would apply:

Once you run the report, you can then export the report in .csv format.


There is another method to create custom reports and allow you to include date ranges and other useful details.  To do this, go to the bottom and right click "Custom Reports":

Select New Report and now you can create reporting data with values you may need: