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Installer: Installation failed. installing Symantec DLP Agent on MacOS


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Installer: Installation failed. (The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance. an error occurred while running scripts from AgentInstall_<Agent_version>.pkg)


Scenario 1:

This occurs when you have not compiled the installer package through the Enforce console, and are trying to install our base binaries without certificates. 

Scenario 2:

This can occur if you created an agent package for 15.7 MP2 or later in an Enforce console 15.7 MP1 or earlier.

Due to additional requirements enforced by MacOS Catalina and later, there are additional certificate requirements that were not available in the previous versions.


DLP Version: 15.7 and earlier
DLP Component: Agent Installer
Operating System: MAC


Scenario 1:

Instruct the client to run the agent installer through the Enforce console, and follow the guidelines here to install:

Scenario 2:

Upgrade your environment to 15.7 MP2 or later. This is required for compatibility with MacOS Catalina or later.

Additional Information

As of 15.7 MP2 and later on MacOS11 and later an MDM profile is a requirement. and the ./create_package command is deprecated.

Please see

MDM Mobile Config File for Symantec DLP 15.7MP2