AIOps - Unable to login due to password expiration
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AIOps - Unable to login due to password expiration


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DX Operational Intelligence DX Application Performance Management CA App Experience Analytics


Unable to login, dxiportal login reports "Failed to login. Verify that user ID and password are correct"


DX Platform 2x


By default password expires after 180 days


How verify the condition

1) Monitor the dxi-adminui log

kubectl get pods -n<namespace> | grep dxi-adminui
kubectl exec -it <dxi-adminui-pod> bash -n<namespace>
cd logs
tail -f *.log

2) Attempt to login

3) in the logs you should see the "Password has expired" message


How to check default setting?

a) obtain the postgres pod name

kubectl get pods -n<namespace> | grep postgres

b) exec postgres pod

kubectl exec -it <postgres-pod> -n<namespace> bash

c) connect to aoplatform database

psql -U aopuser -d aoplatform


d) Check default validity Period:

select * from aradminpwdpolicy ;

orgname         | minpasswordlength | maxpasswordlength | minnumericchars | minalphachars | minspecialchars | strikecount | allowedsplchars | isglobal | validityperiod |
 passwordhistcount | isallowall
 --globalorganization-- |                 6 |                25 |               1 |             4 |               1 |           5 |     | Y        |            180 |
                 3 | N


If the affected user is the TENANT administrator:

Login to http://<apmservices-gateway>/dxiportal/#/dxiportal/login as MASTERADMIN

Go to Tenant Services, 

Locate your Tenant, click "Configure"

Change the password


b) For any other user, login to the Tenant as Tenant administrator and change the password from "Manage User" option as below

Login to http://<apmservices-gateway>/dxiportal/#/dxiportal/login as the TENANT administrator user


Locate the affected user

Update the password

Additional Information

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