Enabling SSO in Google Cloud Platform for Clarity
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Enabling SSO in Google Cloud Platform for Clarity


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Steps that need to be done in order to implement / enable / configure SSO for Clarity SaaS customers in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 


Clarity SaaS Google Cloud Platform


This is an informational document


1. Create a Support Case

Open a case with Broadcom support requesting SSO implementation for GCP

2. Fill out the attached SSO Questionnaire

Open a ticket with your organization’s IT Security team to complete the attached questionnaire.


  • Completed Questionnaire
  • Create new IDP artifacts
  • Existing Portal IDP setup will not be reused
  • Create IDPs for Production and Non-Production Environments

Note: Your IDP must share these values:

  • firstName
  • lastName
  • email
  • nameID in email format

3. Broadcom Metadata and Service Provider Info

Broadcom will generate the metadata and Service Provider PDF for your organization (sent via email or case attachment).

4. IDP Configuration with the Broadcom Service Provider data

Configure your IDP artifacts with the Broadcom provided Service Provider Data for all environments (SP Meta data file and environment details are already be provided by Broadcom)

Make sure the Relaystate information is added to the IDP configuration. 

Successful test case: When a user logs in via SSO, the user sees a Clarity Login Prompt

5. SSO Cutover

Once the testing is complete, Broadcom will schedule to put the Clarity System behind SSO.

Additional Information

See also: SSO Certificate update prerequisites for Clarity SaaS

Clarity SaaS Authentication in the Google Cloud Platform


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