Unable to update API Attribute ID in Roadmap Item object
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Unable to update API Attribute ID in Roadmap Item object


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We are attempting to bring in Project Category in Roadmap Item sync and are unable to match the REST API from the Project Object because new attribute API Attribute IDs require a lower case letter underscore prefix. The API Attribute ID on the project object for Project Category is 'projectCategory' and read only. The Roadmap API Attribute ID has to match the project/idea's API Attribute ID to sync fields in roadmaps. Since the API Attribute ID is not in the lower case / underscore prefix format, this causes an error when trying to save the attribute on the roadmap item object with the API Attribute ID 'projectCategory' used in the project object

Error: ODF-0249: API Alias for custom attribute must begin with a lower case letter and an underscore (for ex: 'p_')


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This is working as designed. Project Category is one field that is not able to be synced.


Project Category is not yet supported for synchronization between Projects / Ideas and Roadmaps. (This applies to 15.9 as well) 

See the below list of supported attribute types:

For 15.8.1 and lower:

As referenced in Synchronize Roadmap Items with Linked Project, Custom Investment, or Idea Attributes

Synchronization is supported for custom attributes with the following data types:

  1. Static single-value lookups
  2. Simple data types (number, string, Boolean, date)

Dynamic Lookups, Parameterized Lookups, Formulas, and Calculated Attributes are not supported.

For 15.9 and higher:

In 15.9, the below are now supported:
  1. Lookups (SVL) - (Static and Parameterized)
  2. Number
  3. String
  4. Boolean
  5. Date
  6. Money
  7. Large text

For more details see: Clarity: Top-Down Planning with Roadmaps

For supported data types you want to sync to roadmap items that have the old API Attribute naming convention, you can sync them by performing the below steps:

  1. Go to the source object (example Project/Idea) and update the API Attribute ID for the attribute to the new naming convention
  2. Use that updated API Attribute ID in the related attribute on the roadmap item object you want to sync to.
  3. Note: If you change an API Attribute ID, here's a KB with a few issues that you may run into and the workarounds: New UX - API naming convention change issues with Blueprints / syncing attributes in Roadmaps

In 15.9.1 new custom seeded have been added to Roadmap Items

The following custom seeded objects were added to Roadmap Items by using the PMO Accelerator Add-In:

Project Category
Corporate Priority
Business Unit Priority
Architectural Fit
Commercial Value
Regulatory Compliance
Technology Compliance

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