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Steps to correct the “Unable to show a URL for the metric <metric name>” error message that is being displayed in Mainframe Operational Intellligence / MOI metric alert email notifications


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Mainframe Operational Intelligence


Please follow the steps detailed below in the resolution section of this article to correct the  MOI / Mainframe Operational IntelligenceUnable
to show a URL for the metric <metric name> “  error message that is being displayed in MOI metric alert email notifications.


The Data Service Connector URL field value on the MOI MLSS ISPF Installation Notifications Configuration File  panel is not the correct URL for accessing the MOI metric alert from the email that was sent out as a notification of the alert.


MOI  release 2.0 service packs:  2.0.04 and 2.0.05


  • Change the  Data Service Connector URL field on the MLSS ISPF Installation Notifications Configuration File  panel to one of the following based on your usage of TLS/SSL security in the  MOI appliance: 

                   daasConnectorUrl: http://dataservice:7160                                                     Note:    Port 7160 is the non-TLS/SSL port.   

                   daasConnectorUrl: https://dataservice:7161                                                   Note:     https: is required and  Port 7161 is the TLS/SSL  port. 

  • Deploy only the property files using MLSS ISPF Installation Deploy panel.
  • Perform an Update of the appliance using the MLSS Manage Advanced Commands Update panel Resend option. This will push the new notification property file down to your appliance from USS.   
  • Reboot your MOI appliance using the MLSS ISPF Manage Advanced Commands Update panel Reboot option.    The changes made for Notifications will now be in effect once your MOI appliance is in a fully healthy state.  
  • Please let Broadcom MOI Support know if this fix corrects your alert ”Unable to show a URL for the metric <metric name>”  error message once the next alert email is issued. If it does not, please generate a MOI diagnostic  Dump using the instructions in the “Providing MOI or Appliance dump” knowledge article, Article Id: 127879,  and upload the dump zip file  to  your MOI Broadcom Customer Support Case so that Broadcom MOI Support can resolve your case issue.  

Additional Information

The MOI product documentation was also out of date on this Data Service Connector URL field  to be entered  and has now been corrected in the product doc for both MOI release 2.0 service packs listed in the Environment section.


In future releases beyond service pack MOI 2.0.05, the Data Service Connector URL entry will be removed as a customer inputted value and will default to the correct Data Service Connector URL that is detailed in the resolution included in this article.


Please contact Broadcom Customer Support for MOI  if you have any questions or concerns about the contents of this knowledge article.