Providing MOI or Appliance dump


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Mainframe Operational Intelligence


What are the steps to gather and provide an moi-dump using the ISPF panels or via the MOI Linux system?


MOI 2.0.0*


From the MLSS ISPF Main Menu:

  • Select option 2 - Manage Appliance Hosts 
  • Select your MOI "hostname" and hit enter to proceed to the Manage menu panel. 
  • Select 5 - Run Diagnostics. 
  • Specify the NEW primary command and hit enter to generate a new log file 
  • Hit enter on the MLSS Collect Logs panel taking the default password of CAI 

This process will take several minutes to collect diagnostic information from your MOI LINUX appliance. Once it is done you will see a dump file listed on the Inventory of Log Files panel.

  • Select that dump file to view the file name on your MOI LINUX appliance.
  • You either FTP the dump file to your laptop and upload it via the Manage Files option in this Case or you can use the U or Upload option to transfer the dump file from your MOI LINUX appliance to USS and then upload the dump file to the Case. 

From MOI Linux system:

  • cd /sbin
  • execute "./"
  • at the end it will provide the information as to where you will find the zip file containing the dump.

The password for the zip file will be the date & time on the file name. For example, if the dump produced zip file, /tmp/, the password would be 19030-113125 

Send Support the dump file by uploading it to the Case. The dump file will contain the necessary documentation for MOI or the Appliance.