Blank screen logging into Clarity due to Network issues
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Blank screen logging into Clarity due to Network issues


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You are seeing a blank / white page when logging into Clarity. Some of the symptoms that may be seen:
  • One (or some users) gets a blank screen logging into Clarity via Classic Clarity.
  • Attempting to log in and the page is spinning/unable to access the application
  • It happens in both non-production and production
  • You are able to login to the New User Experience (UX) 


Release : All

Browser: This happens in all browsers


This can be due to an issue on the Network side


Check with your internal network team for any issues that could be blocking the user from viewing the page. Some things to check with your Network team:

  1. Review of the network logs including webagent.logs can help point to the root cause
  2. A packet trace can be analyzed by the network team to pinpoint any potential bottlenecks or dropped packets.
  3. Check to see if there are any issues with one or more proxies on the Network side
  4. Enable developer tools browser trace including the Network and Console tabs to check for any errors when reproducing the issue. (A Network trace can determine if there are any throttling issues) See KB: Browser trace in Chrome and IE for troubleshooting Clarity issues
  5. Check for ISP/bandwidth issues. A typically good rate is 25 Mbps.
  6. Run a tracert (Windows) or traceroute (Linux). See Clarity troubleshooting with Traceroute for detailed steps. 

Additional Information

When comparing a DB versus Network issue: Typically, a database issue exists if all users are affected, but if only certain users are affected, the network may then be the cause. Users working remotely may have bandwidth issues with the VPN.