Idea / Project 'Status' field shows incorrect values (MUX)
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Idea / Project 'Status' field shows incorrect values (MUX)


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Project Blueprints include Idea module status lookup values and vice versus so that the lookup then shows not applicable values (example for Ideas: shows Cancelled, On-Hold, and Resumed). The Status attribute on the Project Object is associated with a System Restricted lookup: Investment  Object State. The lookup clearly states in the value descriptions that some of the options are only applicable to Ideas. However, those options are showing as available in the Modern / New User Experience (UX) when the Status field is added to a Blueprint.  In the Classic View, only status values relevant to the Project object show up in projects. 

More details on the  issue with status drop downs not being correct:

Classic UI drop down fields:

  • Approved
  • Cancelled
  • Unapproved
  • Hold.

Modern UX:

  • Approved
  • Cancelled
  • Converted
  • Incomplete
  • On Hold
  • Rejected
  • Submitted for Approval
  • Unapproved
  • Resumed

What is Broadcom's recommendation about how we can keep it limited to values applicable for the modules we are using?

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to a project in the new UX
  2. Attempt to change the project Status on either the Project list or the Project Details page

Expected Results: Only valid project statuses are available. 
Actual Results: Project and Idea statuses are both available.

Note: If an Idea specific status is selected, an error is thrown - CMN-0009: Attribute 'Status' has invalid Lookup Value 'n'


Release : All Supported

Component : Clarity Project Management


This was reviewed as DE53645 and determined to be working as designed. Status is a legacy field supported in Classic Clarity. In the New UX, "Status" has been replaced with the field "Work Status". Status was retained in the New UX for legacy purposes (including projects/ideas in flight from Classic Clarity)


In the New UX, use the field "Work Status". Options to hide the Status field in the New UX:

  • Field Security is available starting in Clarity 15.8 where you can hide the Status field in the New UX or make this field read-only to all users in the Modern UX
    Use Field Level Security to hide the 'Status' field to force users to use the Work Status field instead.
  • In versions prior to 15.8, you can remove the Status field from the Blueprints associated with the project or idea.


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