'Work Status' field on Investment object and Roadmap
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'Work Status' field on Investment object and Roadmap


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Reviewing the ideation module in the Modern User Experience (UX), Work Status seems to be a new field in the Clarity Investment object and Roadmap Objects:

  • Field name: Work Status
  • Look up name: Work Status

This attribute is available on the Investment object and Roadmap object. How is it supposed to be used? Does it have any dependency on the Status or Progress fields? 


Release : All Supported

Component : Clarity Project Management


In the Modern User Experience, the field "Work Status" was created to replace the field Status. This lookup is configurable so that lookup values can be added, updated, or deactivated. Additional notes:

There are no plans to make any changes to the old progress or status fields, these will continue going forward. You can select which field works best for you (noting the known limitations with the Status fields as referenced at: Idea / Project 'Status' field shows incorrect values)

Additional Information

Note: There are no plans to change status fields on the Task object, this change was made for investment objects

See also: Restricting values in static lookup for certain User Groups