Design changes in IT Management Suite 8.5 RU3 and RU4 caused by Microsoft Silverlight removal


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IT Management Suite


Starting from IT Management Suite 8.5 RU3, some changes are introduced due to Microsoft Silverlight replacement by HTML5.


ITMS 8.5 RU3 and RU4


  • Computers View opens by default after you install IT Management Suite 8.5 RU3, and then open Symantec Management Console for the first time.

  • The First Time Setup portal is available at Home > First Time Setup. The Silverlight version of the First Time Setup portal page is replaced by the legacy First Time Setup portal page.

  • The drag and drop functionality is now supported within a single tree component only. You can use drag and drop to reorganize items in a tree. You cannot use drag and drop to move items across different views, different trees, and a filter builder and trees.
    To add an item to a policy or task, do the following:
    1. Create a target that includes the item that you want to add.
    2. Right-click the target, and then click Add to Policy or Add to Task.

  • A single tree component now supports items of the same type only. You cannot add item links and Web links to the items of other types in the following views:
    - Jobs and Tasks
    - Computers
    - Policies
    - Software
    In the Settings menu, you can still add new item links and Web links directly to a view.

With IT Management Suite 8.5 RU4 release the following was introduced:

  • Microsoft Silverlight is replaced by HTML5 for Event Console in Server Management Suite and IT Management Suite.