Why am I unable to edit the name of certain computer resources?
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Why am I unable to edit the name of certain computer resources?


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Question: Why am I unable to edit the name of certain computer resources?


Answer: Managed computers that have Symantec Management Agents on them with a Status value of Active cannot have their resource name changed on the edit window because they have a corresponding record in the Inv_Aex_AC_Identification table. It is the presence of this record and not the IsManaged field of the ItemResource table that causes the resource name of an active computer to become non-editable through the edit window. 

The correct way to edit the name of an Active, managed computer is to do so directly on the computer. When the Symantec Management Agent then checks in, it will update the record's name.

Temporary changes can be performed by changing the Status value of the computer to Retired. The name can then be edited. The Status value can then be changed to something else, such as back to Active or, for example, In Stock, however, once the Symantec Management Agent checks in, this will revert the name to its original name. However, manual changes will not universally change the computer's name as found throughout the database. For example, Resource Manager will still show the original name. There is no way for the Console to change all of the computer's names in the database and again, it is recommended to make this change on the actual computer not via Altiris.

WARNING: Altiris doesn't support the reuse of old computer names (but unofficially can using HOWTO101872). This can result in severe issues, such as unexpected merges, corrupted inventory, etc. Information about this an be found here:

Computer's Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number or System Number are incorrect or missing

Issues occur when using duplicate computer names and/or GUIDs

INTERNAL: How to reuse an old computer name

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