HOW TO: Send a Daily Status Email to PGP Universal Server Administrators


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This article explains how to send a Daily Status Email to a PGP Universal Server administrator. The status email can be configured to be sent daily or immediately to any administrator.

The Daily Status Email includes: 
  • Software version number
  • Length of time the PGP Universal Server has been running
  • Warnings. For example, that there is a software update available
  • Data backup failures
  • Security. For example, failed administration login attempts and excessive PGP Universal Web Messenger login failures
  • Statistics. For example, messages processed, encrypted, decrypted, in queue, and pending email address exclusions
  • License information.

To send a status email:  

  1. Login to the PGP Universal Server admin interface.
  2. Click System  > Administrators.
  3. Select the desired administrator. The Administrator Settings are displayed.
  4. Enter an email address for the administrator and place a checkmark next to Send Daily Status Email.
  5. Click Save to update the user’s settings.
NOTE: To test or send an immediate status email, click Send Status Now.