HOW TO: Send a Daily Status Email to PGP Administrators for the PGP Encryption Server (Symantec Encryption Management Server)
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HOW TO: Send a Daily Status Email to PGP Administrators for the PGP Encryption Server (Symantec Encryption Management Server)


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PGP Encryption Server (Symantec Encryption Management Server) has the ability to send a useful daily report that includes information about the server. This is called the Daily Status Email.  This article will go over how to configure it to be sent to administrators on a daily basis. 


The status email can be configured to be sent daily or "on-demand" to any PGP Administrator.

The Daily Status Email includes: 
  • Software version number
  • Length of time the PGP Server has been running
  • Warnings, such as if the space on the PGP Server is running low. 
  • Data backup failures
  • Security, such as failed login attempts to the PGP Server and excessive PGP Web Email Protection login failures
  • Statistics, such as messages processed, encrypted, decrypted, in queue, and pending email address exclusions
  • License information.

To send a status email:  

  1. Login to the PGP Server admin interface.
  2. Click System  > Administrators.
  3. Select the desired administrator. The Administrator Settings are displayed.
  4. Enter an email address for the administrator and place a checkmark next to Send Daily Status Email.
  5. Click Save to update the user’s settings.
NOTE: To test or send an immediate status email, click Send Status Now.

If the daily status email is not received to the PGP server, it is possible it is stuck in the Mail Queue.  Check the mail queue to see if it is there and there is a reason provided.  Click on the reason for more details.

If the PGP Server is on the network, it will attempt to perform an "MX Lookup" to see which mail server it could potentially send to in order for the daily status email to be delivered.  If this MX Lookup finds an SMTP server, it may be required to allow PGP to send email to that server.

Tip 1: Do not "trust" the PGP Server as a relay.  This could potentially put the mail server in an "open-relay" situation.  Instead, simply allow PGP server to "forward" (not relay) email to that mailserver so that the Daily Status Email is not rejected.

Tip 2: If the MX record is finding an SMTP relay that may not be correct, you can add a "Mail Route" and provide the exact SMTP server to send to.

It is not necessary to configure the mail proxies as the Mail Route will typically do.


If none of the above are helping and you still can't receive the daily status email, for further guidance, please reach out to Symantec Encryption Support.



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