How to Properly Setup Workflow or ServiceDesk for SSL


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1.        Prior to starting the installation of Workflow/ServiceDesk, obtain your SSL certificate and install in IIS.  Note the name on the certificate as this will be needed later.  If the name on the certificate is not the name or IP of the computer then you will need to create a DNS Alias record (CName in Microsoft parlance) in DNS so that the name on the certificate can be resolved.
2.       If installing ServiceDesk follow steps 1 – 8 in this article.
3.       Start the installation of Workflow/ServiceDesk.
4.       On the Server Configuration Page of the installation, note the Base URL value.  If this is not the name on the SSL certificate installed in IIS then change the Base URL value by typing the name from the certificate into the Base URL field.  Yes, this is a drop down field, but you can manually enter a value here.  Make sure to check the Use SSL box.
5.       Continue the installation.  If installing ServiceDesk, make sure to follow the remaining steps in the article linked in step 2 above.
6.       Only access the Workflow/ServiceDesk Process Manager portal using the name on the certificate to avoid encountering errors