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Messaging Gateway




You obtain a license file from Symantec when you purchase Symantec Messaging Gateway or renew an existing license. You must register the license for each Scanner that you install and enable to use Symantec Messaging Gateway features. You can use the same license file to register multiple Scanners.


The basic product functionality for Symantec Messaging Gateway requires a single license. In addition to this license, you can also obtain a separate license to enable Symantec Content Encryption. Content encryption lets you encrypt outbound messages for greater security and to track statistics for those messages through the Control Center.

See About encrypting messages with Symantec Content Encryption.

When you obtain your license file from Symantec, save it to a location that you can access from the Control Center.

Symantec Messaging Gateway stores the license serial numbers locally on the appliance. These serial numbers appear on the Administration > Hosts > Licenses page. As a best practice, you should write down these license numbers.

A backup restoration does not affect your licenses. However, if you restore a backup on an unlicensed appliance, no serial numbers appear.

See Performing an on-demand backup.

See Scheduling backups.

See Restoring an appliance from backups.

To license your product

  1. In the Control Center, click Administration > Hosts > Licenses.

  2. Click Browse and locate the license file.

  3. Click Register License.

See Viewing license statuses.

See Obtaining replacement license files