How to: Troubleshoot the Community Quality Program for Symantec Endpoint Encryption 11.x
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How to: Troubleshoot the Community Quality Program for Symantec Endpoint Encryption 11.x


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While opting in to the Community Quality Program from the Configuration Manager, an administrator receives the following error message:

Unable to access Symantec Endpoint Encryption Management Server data store for the Community Quality Program. The Telemetry Credentials are invalid or SQL Server authentication has failed. To resolve this issue, contact your database administrator.

To resolve this issue, investigate the following potential issues:

  • Incorrect database access
  • Incorrect credential creation and existence.

Confirm the Microsoft SQL Server authentication type

The Community Quality Program requires SQL server mixed-mode authentication. To confirm the authentication mode of your Microsoft SQL Server database server, do the following:

  1. In SQL Management Studio, go to Server properties > Security > Server Authentication.
  2. Confirm that the setting is: SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode

Confirm the existence of the Community Quality Program SQL authentication credential

When you install or upgrade to Symantec Endpoint Encryption 11.x, a Microsoft SQL Server credential is automatically created. The purpose of this credential is to support the Community Quality Program. However, if you recently migrated from another Microsoft SQL server, you may need to create this credential manually.

Create the credential with the following access, and make sure the credential uses a complex password:

Element Access
Login access SEEMSDb
Module access Specific to the Community Quality Program module
User account name see_telemetry_user
EXECUTE access To telemetry stored procedures:
  • Telemetry_AdminActivity,
  • Telemetry_BacklogItems,
  • Telemetry_ClientDataByOS,
  • Telemetry_ClientDataByVer,
  • Telemetry_ClientEvent,
  • Telemetry_PurgeBacklogItems,
  • Telemetry_QueryConfigServer,
  • Telemetry_ServerDeployment
SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, ALTER access For the TelemetryBacklog database table
INSERT access For the GEMSEventLog database table

After you create the credential, save it in the SEEMSDb.dbo.GEMSConfigParams table, under the TelemetryCredentials column. The format is: username:password.