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Symantec Encryption Management Server Admin console shows warning message: Your passphrase is about to expire in


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Encryption Management Server


After upgrading to Symantec Encryption Management Server  (SEMS) 3.4.2, the following message can appear:

Your passphrase is about to expire in.

There is no indication of how many days the password will expire.  This is because the Administrator password policy has been disabled in the policy and does not indicate a value.

Even if the password is changed, or /etc/ovid/prefs.xml is edited to enable password aging to false, the warning still appears.


Your passphrase is about to expire in.


Although the message appears, it is cosmetic and does not affect the normal use of the Encryption Management Server.  After 30 days, the message should disappear.

For more information on Administrator Password policies, see article Encryption Management Server administrator passwords do not expire.