BCWF to BCIS transitioning and licensing
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BCWF to BCIS transitioning and licensing


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To transition from BCWF (Blue Coat Web Filter also Symantec Web Filter) to BCIS (Blue Coat Intelligence Services), please follow the steps in Resolution.

BCIS advanced (included with the WPS license) has the added features of Threat Risk level scoring and Geolocation by IP.




BCWF licenses are no longer being renewed or sold by Broadcom.
BCIS is replacing BCWF as a content filtering service.


If you don't have a valid BCIS license, please contact your sales team for further assistance.

You are transitioning to a WPS license and you have a virtual appliance

If you have a virtual appliance such as a Edge SWG (formerly ProxySG) 1st generation (VSWG-100-Uxx, where xx is the number of users), 2nd generation (SG-VA-Cxx, where xx is the number of cores), enterprise license (ISG-PR-SUB and ISG-PR-ADV-SUB) and are transitioning to a WPS license, you must link your WPS license to your existing serial numbers.

See: Virtual Appliance licenses can expire even with a Symantec Portfolio License Agreement, Web Protection, or Network Protection subscriptions

Once you have linked your licenses then follow the steps below.

You have a valid BCWF license and a valid BCIS license

Transition from BCWF to BCIS by performing these steps:

Change your data source from BCWF to BCIS from the legacy Java management console GUI

In the Management Console, select Configuration > Application Classification > Download.
Click the WebFilter link. The Blue Coat tab opens (Configuration > Content Filtering > Blue Coat).
In the Data Source menu, select WebFilter or Intelligence Services. Then, click Apply.

Change your data source from BCWF to BCIS from SGAC

Administration > Content Filtering > Blue Coat
Change the radio button from Web Filter to Intelligence Services
Click Apply, then click Save.

Change your data source from BCWF to BCIS from the CLI

From configure mode, change to web filter:

# (config) content-filter
# (config content-filter) bluecoat
# (config bluecoat) data-source intelligence-services
# (config bluecoat) download get-now

  • Upon successful download the appliance will be using BCIS instead of BCWF.
  • Verify that the data source is BCIS from the CLI
#(config bluecoat)view
Status:                                 Ready
Data Source:                            Intelligence Services    <<<<<---- Should say "Intelligence Services" here
Lookup mode:                            Always
Category review message:                Disabled
Dynamic Categorization:
  Service:                              Enabled
  Mode:                                 Real-time
  Send HTTPS info:                      Path
  Secure:                               Enabled
  Forward Target:                       <Use System Settings>
  SOCKS Gateway Target:                 <Use System Settings>
  Send request info:                    Enabled
  Send malware info:                    Enabled
Version:                431240244
License Type:           Subscription
Licensed Until:         Fri, 23 Jun 2023 00:00:00 UTC
Data Valid Until:       Wed, 02 Aug 2023 00:00:00 UTC
Service:                Enabled
Download method:        Direct
Last successful download:
  Time:                 Thu, 04 May 2023 15:54:38 UTC
  Downloaded from:      https://subscription.es.bluecoat.com/categorization/database