Upgrading Reporter 11.x to newest release
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Upgrading Reporter 11.x to newest release


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Reporter-S500 Reporter Reporter-VA


Upgrading Reporter currently running on version 11.x. 


  • Because of continuous, incremental changes to database architecture for each new Reporter version, you cannot downgrade the Reporter appliance or VA instance to a previous version. 
  • There is no need to regenerate databases. Reports function as they did before.
  • Currently, there is no option to upgrade the Reporter from Web user interface (GUI).


Reporter version 11.x


Before you begin: 

  1. Verify that Reporter is currently not processing logs or running databases

    Admin > General Settings > Data Settings > Databases
    Admin > General Settings > Data Settings > Log Sources

    Use the Action button to stop processing.
  2. Verify that no database is in the middle of a rebuild
  3. Verify that RAID is not performing a re-sync 

    CLI command: # raid status


Upgrade procedure: 

  1. Download the latest version from the Broadcom Support Portal
  2. Place the download bcsi package on a local web server that is reachable by the Reporter device
  3. Enter the following CLI command on the Reporter

    # installed-systems load <URL>
  4. You can place a download package on the Management Center. For instructions please see Reporter Upgrading Through Management Center
  5. Enter # installed-systems view  to check installed system images
  6. Enter # installed-systems default  to set the new default system
  7. Restart the system gracefully from CLI by entering # restart 

Additional Information

Note: Please be aware that Reporter 11.1.x can be only managed by the Management Center. It means there is no GUI/Management Console