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Service 'Altiris Deployment Server DB Management' crashing in Ghost Solution Suite


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Ghost Solution Suite


The Altiris Deployment Server DB Management service is unstable, hangs, or crashes randomly.

Error messages that may be seen include

"Unable to connect to the Symantec Ghost Solution Suite DB Management Service. Please make sure this service has been started and is running correctly."

"Unable to connect to the database.  Would you like to try to open a different site?"



GSS 3.x any maintenance pack or release update.


There are a few Causes of the DB Management Service to stop:

1) GSS Service Account was not configured as a User in the Database on install.

2) The use of encrypted sessions by the Dagent.


Case 1:

If this is a new GSS install, check that the GSS Service Account has been added as a User in the Database.  Procedure to do that is: KB 179127.  To find the GSS Service Account, check the Log On As user of the 'Altiris eXpress Server' service.


Case 2:

Check each of the Dagents to confirm the Encrypt session communication with Ghost Solution Suite Server is disabled.