Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) for Symantec hardware
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Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) for Symantec hardware


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ProxySG Software - SGOS PacketShaper ASG-S200 ASG-S400 ASG-S500 SG-900 SG-9000 AV-1200 AV-1400 AV-2400 CF-500 CF-5000 SSP-S410


Learn how to troubleshoot defective units and initiate Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) requests for select Symantec hardware, such as:

  • ProxySG RMA
  • ProxyAV RMA
  • PacketShaper RMA

Understand hardware replacement rules, procedures for returning defective units, how to query status on open requests and how to license replacement units.


Hardware Warranty

All Symantec hardware products come with a limited, non-transferable warranty. Symantec provides RMA hardware exchanges to those customers with a valid product entitlement under warranty or an active hardware support contract. Advance Hardware Exchange is available for customers with hardware support levels of Standard Plus and higher). Learn more about Foundation Agreement and Specific Program Documentation.

To verify your warranty or support status, contact Technical Support with your Service Contract Number and any applicable Model and Serial numbers.

* Symantec will send a replacement unit to eligible customers in advance of the defective unit being returned by the customer per the hardware support level purchased and in accordance with Broadcom Support Policies

RMA Request Process

Follow the steps below to initiate an RMA request:

  1. Open a technical support case through the support portal or by contacting Technical Support
  2. A technical support engineer will work with you to troubleshoot the issue and verify if a hardware repair or replacement is required.
  3. If a hardware replacement is required, the technical support engineer will initiate the RMA by obtaining the following customer information:
  • Company Name
  • Shipping information
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Postal Code
    • Country
    • GST(GSTN, GSTIN) *if applicable for India*
  • On Site Contact information 
    • Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
  • Problem Description
  • Product Model Number
  • Product Serial Number

You will be issued with an RMA number.

  1. When the RMA replacement unit has shipped, you will receive a shipment notification which will include instructions regarding the defective hardware return, if applicable.
  2. If the defective hardware is not returned in a timely manner you will be contacted. You may also request return instructions through an existing or new support case or by contacting Technical Support.

Cut-Off Times for Advance Hardware Exchange

RMA requests received during regular business hours and verified by Symantec Technical Support before the RMA cut-off time (per the table below) will have replacement hardware shipped the same day. Requests received or verified by Symantec Technical Support after the RMA cut off time will ship the following business day.

Actual delivery time will vary and is dependent upon shipping origin, destination, and the level of the customer’s active hardware support contract. Out-of-box warranty shipments may require additional time to ship.

Support Center

Standard Business Hours

RMA Cut-Off Time


06:00 to 18:00
Pacific Time Zone

Mon-Fri, 12:00 
Pacific Time Zone


08:00 to 17:00

Mon-Fri, 14:00 


08:00 to 17:00
Malaysia Time Zone

Mon-Fri, 14:00
Local time (asset location)

Note: Daylight Savings Time observances may affect RMA cut-off times where applicable

Hardware Replacement Shipping Terms

Symantec's hardware replacement shipping terms are determined by the level of the customer’s support contract in place for the hardware product serviced under the RMA. See Hardware support shipping terms. Note that replacement unit shipments may originate outside the country you are operating in, depending on the contractual service level. When shipping internationally, delays in importation may occur which are beyond Symantec's control.

Defective Unit Return Instructions (Advance Exchange)

The following rules apply when returning defective hardware to Symantec (applies to customers eligible for Advance Exchange only).

Follow the return instructions provided with the RMA replacement unit. Defective Symantec units should be returned within 10 business days from the date of receipt of a replacement unit. The customer will receive a follow-up phone call from Symantec to ensure the return takes place.

Note that parts deemed “consumable” by Symantec do not require a return shipment and will not include return instructions unless required by local environmental regulations (such as the European Union WEEE Regulation). Parts such as power supplies and fans fall into this category.

Defective units that are not received by Symantec within (10) business days are subject to invoicing for the full list price as stated in the most current Symantec price list. Failure to pay the invoice or return the defective product may result in the suspension of services by Symantec.

All material returned to Symantec must follow the return instructions. Symantec reserves the right to refuse shipments that do not include (at a minimum) the RMA number. For inspection prior to repair, all parts should be free from dirt, grease, oil, fingerprints, localized permanent marks, and other foreign substances. Dust caused by shipping material chafing is acceptable if it can be brushed off or blown off with air. Symantec reserves the right to refuse shipments that are not in acceptable repair condition. Refused shipments will be returned to the shipper via collect freight.

If you have any questions regarding an RMA return or if you did not receive return instructions with your replacement unit, please contact Technical Support.

See Hard Disk Drive (HDD) replacement rules.

Hardware Replacement Rules

Note the following product-specific rules that apply for hardware replacement:

Chassis Replacement Unit Policy

Effective October 24, 2012, select RMA's will consist of either a Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) or a Chassis Replacement Unit (CRU) as defined in the below table.

Symantec will no longer ship full replacement units for the product models listed in the below table. If Symantec determines a replacement chassis is required after appropriate trouble-shooting with diagnostic tools, Symantec will ship the CRU as replacement hardware. The CRU is a replacement chassis without the following parts: System Hard Drives, Power Supplies, Power Cables, Rail Kit and Add-on cards (“Excluded Parts"). Customers are required to remove the Excluded Parts, subject to the exception below*, from their existing hardware and transfer them to the replacement CRU unit prior to shipping the defective unit to Symantec. Any Excluded Parts received by Symantec will be forfeited and not returned.

This CRU policy does not apply to the RTF (Standard) hardware support option.


Failed Part

Replacement Hardware

SG900, SG9000, S200, S400, S450,S500,S550, S410, SSLV, CF5000, CF500-KX, AV1200*, AV1400*, AV2400*, J5300

Hard Drives, System Fan, Power Supplies, Add-on Cards, Disk Controller, BIOS-Battery**


Motherboard, Memory, CPU, Front Panel Display, Other HW components



*For hardware-related issues where diagnostics cannot be run for the AV1200, AV1400, AV2400, Symantec will ship a CRU containing hard drives. Customers will need to ship back the defective unit without removing the hard drives.

**Note: BIOS-Battery is considered a consumable and therefore is not replaced under the RMA process. 

For all other models:

A like-model or newer replacement unit will be shipped using a Symantec shipping partner. 

Requesting Status on Existing RMAs

Please direct all questions regarding RMA shipment, status, customs, or duties, and taxes through existing or new cases through the support portal or by contacting Technical Support. Please reference your RMA number when submitting these inquiries. Customers may also access RMA status by logging into their Broadcom support portal.

Licensing of Replacement Units

To properly register your replacement unit with Symantec, follow the RMA licensing procedures outlined by product type below. Each product type has a unique set of licensing instructions. If you have any questions pertaining to the licensing process, contact Global Customer assistance by contacting Customer Support

ProxySG Products

Symantec depots stock units with predefined OS versions based on platform type since at the time of stocking it is unknown what version the recipient will be running. You may therefore need to downgrade or upgrade the proxy upon receipt. This can be done by going to the support portal and clicking on Product Downloads.

For returned units running SGOS version 3 or greater, Symantec will have already transferred your license and software options from the defective unit to your replacement unit in Symantec’s licensing database. The defective unit is then registered under Symantec and has a 60-day demo license key associated with the unit. To license the replacement unit, retrieve the new key while configuring your unit through the Management Console (Maintenance/Licensing/Install/ Retrieve active keys from Symantec). Please refer to the Licensing FAQ for details on obtaining licensing.

ProxyAV Products

Follow the instructions below to license the replacement unit via the Network Protection Licensing Portal.

  1. Log into MySymantec (first-time users will be prompted to create an Account).
  2. Select “Network Protection (Blue Coat) Licensing” from the Licensing tab.
  3. Select ProxyAV from the menu
  4. Click Symantec “ProxyAV”
  5. Click “Swap Licenses”
  6. From Hardware Serial Number: enter the defective unit serial number (SN)
  7. To Hardware Serial Number: enter replacement unit serial number (SN)
  8. Click “Next”
  9. Click “Swap”
  10. Retrieve License File from the Management Console of the replacement ProxyAV unit.

PacketShaper Products

Symantec depots stock units with predefined OS versions based on platform type since at the time of stocking it is unknown what version the customer will be running. You may therefore need to downgrade or upgrade the PacketShaper upon receipt. This can be done by going to the support portal  and clicking on Product Downloads.

Once you receive the license key(s) from Symantec Technical Support, follow the instructions below for license key installation.

  1. Login to the PacketShaper command-line interface via the console cable, SSH or telnet.
  2. Copy and paste the lines provided (“setup key add …”)
  3. To complete the installation, issue the command “reset” to reboot the unit.
  4. To verify the installation was successful, issue the command, "setup key show". 

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