Manually download a core file from a ProxySG or ASG


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  • How to manually download a core file from a Symantec ProxySG or Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG)
  • Symantec Support wants me to download a core file from a Symantec ProxySG or ASG
  • How do I download the core file from a ProxySG or ASG?
  • How do I download a file from Symantec ProxySG or ASG?


Download the core file from your ProxySG or ASG appliance

  1. Browse to https://<ip.address.of.proxysg>:8082/CM/Core_image
  2. On ProxySG 210, 300, 510, 600, 810, 8100, and 9000 units, you will have an HTML table with the following information:
    1. Time | Version | Hardware Exception | Software Exception | Page Fault Address | Process
  3. The memory dumps will be ordered from newest to oldest. 
    1. In the table to the right beyond the Process column, see Details; Minicontext (file_size); Context (file_size); Full (file_size). 
    2. Download the file the support engineer asks you to get. 
    3. If this is a restart, generally you will be asked for the full memory core, if available. 
  4. Once the file has been downloaded, do not rename it.

To upload reference:

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