Uploading files to cases on the Broadcom Support Portal
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Uploading files to cases on the Broadcom Support Portal


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You need to upload files to a case through the Broadcom Support Portal.


To upload or attach a file to a case:
  1. Go to the Broadcom Support portal and Login

  2. Once you are logged in, choose your division to access Case Management.

  3. Click on My Cases option

  4. Locate and select the case ID to which a file has to be attached.

  5. Click the File attachment icon on the case record

    Or click the Attach Files link at the bottom of the case record.

  6. A Pop-up window will appear. Click on the folder path " files_from_customer"

    Note: Selecting the drop-down will not provide the path, please select the folder.

  7. Drag a file on to the screen or click on upload and select the file.

The file will appear in progress and once completed it will show in the folder.

Additional Information

You can refer to further FAQ for Case Management here