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Getting Started With Ghost Standard Tools 3.x


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Ghost Solution Suite


What is the process to set up Ghost Standard Tools and capture images?


This document applies to Ghost Standard Tools only. For Ghost Solution Suite see 179206 

Ghost Standard Tools 3.x is suitable for installing Ghost on non-server operating systems, such as Windows 7, where Ghost Solution Suite is not supported.

Ghost Standard Tools 3.x creates "Stand Alone" boot disks which do not, by default, contact the Ghost Solution Suite server. 

Ghost Standard Tools installs to a different folder than Ghost Solution Suite. They can be installed on the same server together, but must not be installed to the same folder.

Ghost Standard Tools and Ghost Solution Suite are entirely separate products. They share a few tools in common, such as Ghost64.exe and Bootwiz.exe (Boot Disk Creator,) but they are not connected to each other in any way. Preboot operating systems, drivers and configurations created in the Standard Tools version of Boot Disk Creator will not appear in the Ghost Solution Suite version of Boot Disk Creator. There is no PXE server in Ghost Standard Tools. This document only discusses using the Ghost Standard Tools version of Boot Disk Creator.

Here is a webcast that discusses Ghost Solution Suite compared to Ghost Standard Tools:


Ghost Solution Suite is not supported for installation on non-server based operating systems, such as Windows 7 (185204).


  • Ghost Standard Tools include a Boot Disk Creator, Ghost64.exe, Ghost32.exe, GhostCast server and a basic set of tools to create and distribute images. This is suitable for users who want to create "Stand Alone" boot disks, or who do not have a Server operating system available.
  1. Download and install the most current version of Standard Tools from Broadcom's Support Portal

    Input the serial number (10 digits, which starts with letter 'M').

    Only run Standard Tools installer version 3.1 MP3 or later. Do not use the Standard tools installer that is embedded in the Console Suite installation. (If a previous version is installed the instructions may vary.)

    Note:  By default Ghost 3.x Standard Tools will install to the same location as version 2.5.  Ensure to change the default installation location if the Ghost 2.5 is on the same machine before installing version 3.x. Installing Ghost 3.x Standard Tools over the top of an existing Ghost 2.5 installation will cause issues.
  2. Install the ADK and Import it into Boot Disk Creator:

    Before working with the Boot Disk Creator install an updated version of Windows Preboot Environment (Win PE). Windows PE is part of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit. (ADK)

    For Ghost Solution Suite 3.x it is suggested to use Windows PE 10. Here are the steps:

    ‚ÄčHow To Import Preboot Operating Systems Into Ghost Solution Suite 3 (Standard Tools Installation)
  3. Next create a configuration and from that create a boot disk:

    Creating Boot Media For Legacy Ghostcasting With Ghost Solution Suite 3
  4. The next steps depend on how to do imaging. The following articles discuss the options:

    Image Creation with Legacy Ghostcasting With Ghost Solution Suite 3
    Legacy Ghostcasting With Ghost Solution Suite 3 For Image Deployment
    USB-connected Imaging with Ghost Solution Suite 3
    Mapped Drive Imaging with Ghost Solution Suite 3

Additional Information

For more details, you can check article 179206

Getting Started with Ghost Solution Suite 3.X (3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3)