No addresses found when using Exchange Online as source with Schemus Sync tool
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No addresses found when using Exchange Online as source with Schemus Sync tool


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When attempting to use the Schemus LDAP Synchronization tool to extract email addresses with Exchange Online as a source, it provides a response that no addresses were found.

 No addresses were found in the directory. Possible solutions are:
 Select Search and ensure that the Mail Attribute and Alias attribute match those used by Exchange Online


It appears that there is a problem with the Get-Recipient PowerShell command.

Recent Microsoft update looks to be preventing this cmdlet from working as intended.


The suggested workaround is to append the parameter '-Identity "*"' to the Get-Recipient command.

Schemus does not include a straightforward mechanism to pass arbitrary parameters to the PowerShell command. Instead, you can achieve a similar effect by filtering on a property which is always present such as the Distinguished Name.

  1. Select the Schemus Configuration
  2. Click on Modify
  3. Click on the 'Search' page in the Schemus wizard
  4. Select 'Recipients'
  5. Click on 'Filters'
  6. Select the 'Filter' checkbox
  7. Enter the following OPATH filter: DistinguishedName -like "*"
  8. Click 'OK' then Next' to confirm that recipients are retrieved once more.
  9. Save the configuration


If a manual synchronization is performed or scheduled task is set up to run at a later hour/day, the synchronization will NOT fail but continue normally as it did not find any addresses in the directory, therefore the synchronization tool sees that here are 0 email addresses to be synced, deleting all of the emails addresses from the Symantec.Cloud Portal.

Therefore it is important to set a maximum deleted entries limit in the mail configuration as a preventative measure.


We recommend using the Azure source if possible since this should be both more reliable and efficient.

The PowerShell source uses the Exchange PowerShell cmdlets which must be downloaded from Microsoft and imported into each PowerShell session at runtime. It is, therefore, possible for Microsoft to introduce changes to the Exchange cmdlets at any time with potentially unforeseen consequences.

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