Ghost fails to load after booting to Windows PE from Ghost boot disk
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Ghost fails to load after booting to Windows PE from Ghost boot disk


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Ghost Solution Suite


Ghost fails to load after booting a client from a Ghost boot disk.  Windows PE appears to load fine, however, the ghost executable does not and present an error.

Windows cannot find ghost64.exe


The Ghost executables, ghost64.exe or ghost32.exe, are not present on the boot media


This will happen if the OEM Extensions field is not changed from the default of <none> when creating the boot disk configuration.  Select GSS or <all> for this setting when creating your boot disk configuration.  This tells the Boot Disk Creator(BDC) to include the ghost executables on the boot media.

NOTE:  This option is ONLY available in the Ghost Standard Tools version of the BDC and so doesn't apply to the BDC available from the GSS Console installation.


Boot Disk Creator from the GSS server installation can create bootdisk but is meant more for leveraging the Ghost Client and Server communication to do jobs.  In this case, the ghost files would be copied from the GSS server after the client has checked in with the server as opposed to being included on the boot media.

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