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Bounceback Error: "553-you are trying to use me [] as a relay..."


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You received a Non-Delivery Report (NDR) for email sent through the Symantec Email infrastructure, with the message "You are trying to use me [] as a relay, but I have not been configured to let you [IP, address] do this."

553-you are trying to use me [server-X.tower-XXX.messagelabs] as a relay, but I have not been configured to let
553-you [IP, server.address] do this. Please
553-visit for more
553-details about this error message and instructions to
553 resolve this issue


When the email is sent from a customer domain through the outbound to a 3rd party domain, check the following:

Additional Information

  1. If you recently made changes to the Outbound Routes configuration, allow approximately 1 - 2 hours for this to take effect and for the infrastructure to start using the new settings which allow your traffic through.
  2. Verify that the Smart Host (relay) address you have configured on your email service (or platform) is correct, according to the one assigned to you during the account provisioning (e.g.: The outbound address generally matches the inbound MX record address of the same domain.
    • The IPs associated with the cluster addresses can change without prior notice, we strongly recommend against using specific IPs or other forms of addressing for relaying outbound emails through the service.
  3. When the email is sent inbound to a domain belonging to a customer of
  1. Ensure that the service is active. This can be checked by attempting to log into the service portal. If you cannot, it is possible that the account was suspended. To confirm regarding this possibility, contact our technical support team.