Steps to add drivers to the Boot Disk Creator 3.0 (BDC)
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Steps to add drivers to the Boot Disk Creator 3.0 (BDC)


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Ghost Solution Suite


The Purpose of the attached article is to provide instructions for adding additional drivers to the Boot Disk Creator.  


When booted from the new Ghost boot disk you do not have network connectivity.


To confirm that you have a valid IP from the Command prompt type ipconfig /all Review the results to confirm you do or don't have a valid IP for your network if needed follow the instructions of the attached document to add new drivers to the BDC and then create a new boot disk. 


 See the attached Document for full steps to add new drivers to the BDC. 


Note: It will be important to confirm that the drivers you have downloaded are for windows 8.0 as the BDC uses the windows PE 4.0 environment and is based on the Windows 8 kernel.
Some driver downloads will be in a .ZIP format and will need to be extracted so that you can browse to the .INF files from the BDC. Some driver, Intel for example, will provide a .EXE installer for download. In the readme file for these installers will be information on how to properly extract them. Alternatively many third party compression tools can be used to extract these installers so that the .INF files can be accessed by the BDC.


Applies To

 Boot Disk Creator 3.0 


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