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Detection server state stuck at "Starting"


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent Data Loss Prevention Network Prevent for Email Data Loss Prevention


One or more Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Detection servers are stuck in a starting state.

Restarting the detection server service locally on the detection server does not resolve the issue.

The following error will be in the RequestProcessor log:



  • Network Prevent for Email
  • Network Prevent for Web
  • Endpoint
  • DLP 15.x


FileReader and RequestProcessor become stuck in a restarting loop due to an unsuccessful policy load attempt.



To validate this issue:

  1. Log into the DLP Enforce console.
  2. Go to System > Servers and Detectors > Overview.
  3. Click on a Network Prevent for Email server.
  4. Status, FileReader and Request Processor shows "Starting…".

To resolve this issue, find and disable the problematic policy:

  1. Go to System > Servers and Detectors > Overview
  2. In the Configuration box, make note of the Policy groups listed.
  3. Go to Manage > Policies > Policy List.
  4. Click on the Policy Group column header to sort the list by the Policy Group.
  5. Uncheck all policies associated with the policy groups listed in Step 2.
  6. Restart the Symantec DLP Detection service locally on the detection server.
  7. Verify the status of the Detection server has changed to Running via System > Servers and Detectors > Overview.
  8. Start re-enabling the policies from step 5 one at a time; verifying each policy loads successfully (via System > Servers and Detectors > Overview) before enabling the next policy in the list.
  9. When the policy causing the issue is found, disable this policy again and Restart Symantec DLP Detection service (Vontu Monitor service in DLP 14.6 or before) locally per step 6.

Note: The following can cause an unsuccessful policy load attempt on a Detection server:

  • The policy is corrupted
  • Excessive rules or exceptions configured in the Policy
  • Insufficient system resources available such as RAM or Java Heap