Can Symantec DLP database tables and LOB data be spread across multiple tablespaces in Oracle?


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In a standard installation, all Symantec DLP database data is located in the USERS tablespace and the LOB_TABLESPACE in Oracle. When Oracle is installed using Enterprise Edition, a DBA might want to spread this information across multiple tablespaces in Oracle according to their approach to database management. 



Because Symantec DLP does not directly reference tablespaces (only referencing tables) in its application, there is no problem to normal operation in spreading the tables and data used by Symantec DLP to multiple/renamed tablespaces. This would only apply to Enterprise Edition databases. Changes made will need to be accounted for during any upgrade process and might necessitate professional services help.

Other tablespaces that are created during the installation include UNDO, SYSAUX, DRSYS, etc. are required for operation. Removing or changing them could have impact on the normal operation of the database.

Tables and data can be managed as the DBA sees fit, so long as this information is not lost when changes are made.  Be aware that this operation may put the database into an alternative configuration and therefore Symantec Technical Support may ask that you reproduce any issues encountered in a supported environment. Before making any changes to your database, please backup your data (using a cold backup per the DLP Maintenance guide) and consult with Symantec DLP support.