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What would occur in current releases if the backend Oracle DB is not certified or unsupported ?


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What would occur in current releases if the backend Oracle DB is not certified or unsupported?


Symantec DLP Support only supports the Oracle DB if it is Standard Edition on Windows and Red Hat Linux, no archive mode. Otherwise Symantec DLP only supports the schema (definition on Oracle website), and the Oracle DB Server has to be explicitly supported by the respective DBA Team.

In order to provide full support of the schema and the DB environment, you have to be running Oracle in the version specific to the DLP version as outlined in the System Requirements Guide.

A full outline regarding the scope of support regarding supported configurations can be found in the Broadcom Support Policies announcement, by following the link on that page to the latest Broadcom Software Maintenance Policy Handbook.

Specifically, look in the following section, 

2.2.1 Customer Obligations

Eligibility: To remain eligible for Essential Support, you must (i) have a current maintenance agreement, (ii) be using a
currently supported version of the Solution, and (iii) install the Solution in a supported configuration in accordance with the
documentation. Broadcom cannot provide Essential Support if you do not notify Broadcom of a problem during the
Maintenance term.

Technical Data: You shall provide reasonable assistance to Broadcom when receiving Essential Support, which may
include providing data from the solution, or such other information as may be reasonably required by Broadcom to provide
Essential Support.

Supported Configuration: You shall operate the solution in an environment that solely consists of supported operating
systems, hardware platforms, software solutions and applications, firmware levels, databases, devices, device drivers, and
Broadcom custom-developed scripts and other configuration elements, as defined in your documentation, or that Broadcom
has otherwise approved in writing, as working in conjunction with and/or supporting the solution.