What would occur in current releases if the backend Oracle DB is not certified or unsupported ?


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What would occur in current releases if the backend Oracle DB is not certified or unsupported?


Symantec DLP Support only supports the Oracle DB if it is Standard Edition on Windows and Red Hat Linux, no archive mode. Otherwise Symantec DLP only supports the schema (definition on Oracle website), the Oracle DB Server has to be explicitly supported by the respective DBA Team.

In order to provide full support of the schema and the DB environment, you have to be running Oracle in the version specific to the DLP version as outlined in the System Requirements Guide.

A full outline regarding the scope of support regarding supported and alternative configurations can be found in TECH236428, in the section "Software Best Practices". Please note that the referenced alternative configurations are referring to environments that have not been certified in our guides. 

Supported Configurations and Alternative (Unsupported) Configurations

We will provide technical support for our products when used in a supported configuration. Our products are designed to interoperate with many types of systems, applications, and hardware.

Sometimes a customer may choose to use our products in an alternative (unsupported) configuration, namely, an environment that has not been validated, approved, or verified to operate with our products or which does not support such products or only supports limited functionality. We do not support alternative configurations, and we have no obligation to provide technical support for products being used in an alternative configuration. Symantec makes no warranty with respect to use of products in an alternative configuration and any such use is at your own risk.

A supported configuration might be converted into an alternative configuration where a vendor modifies one of its components that is part of the original supported configuration. As a consequence, your product would then be operating in an alternative configuration. If you experience a problem with the product in an alternative configuration or if your problem deals with non-standard or non-public functionality (not documented in our manuals or other materials), that was not developed by Symantec or an authorized consulting partner, please contact your Sales Representative or channel partner to determine whether any assistance is available and under what terms.