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Consumer Policy changes not affecting client machines


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Changes made to Consumer Policy after performing an update, upgrade, or a migration to the server. PGP Desktop clients will not reflect the changes made in the Consumer Policy. Verify that the PGP Desktop clients are able to communicate with the Universal Server for downloading policy and preference changes by viewing the log files on the server and client.


This issue is caused by corruption to the Consumer Policy after a migration or upgrade.


To resolve this issue simply clone your the corrupted policy. You now have a backup of the corrupted policy that you can refer to when restoring your settings.

Click the following link for an article on how to clone server policies:


Steps to fix the corrupted consumer policy:

  1. Configure any group using the corrupted consumer policy to use the new cloned consumer policy.

Note: Don't reset a policy currently in use, if a client updates policy it will get the Factory Default policy and may cause loss of configuration.

  1. Open the original corrupted policy under Consumer>Consumer Policy by clicking it's name. 
  2. Once open reset the corrupt policy by clicking the Restore to Factory Defaults button at the bottom of the page. 

Note: This is extremely important to do on every corrupt consumer policy you clone, even Default consumer policy can also become corrupted. In short no matter what policy is corrupted reset it to factory defaults.  

  1. Configure your factory defaulted policy to be identical to what it was before the reset, use the cloned policy as a reference.

Move a few users and test the policy to see if PGP Desktop properly reflects the changes made.  Once you verify the new Consumer Policy is being reflected on the PGP Desktop clients, then change any groups that are on the clone back to the fixed consumer policy.

Applies To

PGP Desktop 9.x
PGP Desktop 10.x

PGP Universal Server 2.x
PGP Universal Server 3.x

Running on Windows or Mac OS X