How to combine two license files and apply in SIM.


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


After applying the new license file it is not increasing the node count.



The old license was not combined with new license file.


7.x and 8.x


1. Navigate to URL:
2. Login into your account.
3. Go to “Manage My Licenses”,
4. Select “Advanced Search”,
5. Then simply click on “Search”.
6. All the company's registered licenses will be displayed on the next page. Find the product you would like to download (choose the most recent/valid license as combining cannot be done without valid maintenance) and then click on “View Details”.
7. Click on “Combine Licenses” button. It will pop out a new window.
8. In the new window, there are two options to combine licenses.
* Option 1 will combine all the licenses under this Licensing Portal account no matter which company it belongs to. You can just click on the “Download Now” button to download the combined license file (Note:- Please download the license on desktop, we need to change the location).
* Option 2, tick the company name that the license you want to combine and also tick “new licenses”.
9. Select the component that you want to combine, click on “add” to move the license you want to combine from left to the right side.
10. Click “Download Now” to download the new combined license component (Note:- Please download the license on desktop, we need to change the location).

You can now try to apply the new combined license. If the system is not accepting the new license, you may want to remove the old licenses via the License Removal tool
here, HOWTO9437, then add your combined license.