Server is currently locked
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Server is currently locked


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After rebooting your PGP Universal Server and entering your Username and passphrase, your server displays the following:

Server is currently locked.
Unlock Server With Soft-Ignition Passphrase

You have the option to unlock the server by entering your Ignition Key passphrase or by using the Organization Key.


To unlock your server using one of the following

1. Enter your passphrase for your ignition key and click the Unlock button.

2. Click the Unlock with Organization Key button and choose to import your saved key file or key block. Then click the Import button.

During the installation of the server or after setup is complete, you can configure an ignition key to secure the server. Ignition Keys protect the data on your PGP Universal Server in case an unauthorized person gains physical control of your PGP Universal Server.

When an Ignition Key is configured, the Organization Key is encrypted to the Ignition Key. If you lose your passphrase for your ignition key, you can use your Organization Key to unlock the server.

Caution: If you choose to configure an ignition key for your server, it is strongly recommended that you backup your Organization Key.

If you do not have a backup of your Organization Key and the passphrase for the Ignition Key is lost, the server cannot be unlocked. As all PGP Universal Server backup files are encrypted to your Organization Key before they are sent to a backup location, if you are unable to use your Ignition Key or Organization key, you cannot perform a Restore of your server data using your backups.