Testing LDAP Connections for Directory Synchronization
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Testing LDAP Connections for Directory Synchronization


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Encryption Management Server Gateway Email Encryption


Testing LDAP Connections

LDAP Ping testing is a feature of Symantec Encryption Management Server (previously PGP Universal Server).  Administrators can now test their LDAP Directory Synchronization configuration.  The configuration test feature reports success or failure and, to the extent possible, the reason for any failure.



Encryption Management Server tests Directory Synchronization for the connection to the LDAP server by validating the information you enter into the fields for the LDAP server and then uses that information to ping the LDAP server.

Only the host and port are required for the ping test, but Base DN, Bind DN, and passphrase information will also be tested.

This article assumes that the Hostname and Port as well as any Base DN or Bind DN have been previously configured.

Use the following steps to test the LDAP server connection

  1. Open the Encryption Management Server administrative interface.
  2. Click Consumers > Directory Synchronization. The Directory Synchronization screen is displayed.
  3. Under LDAP Directories, select the desired LDAP Directory to be tested.
  4. Click the View Sample Records button. The first five results obtained using the configured LDAP information is displayed.

If no results are displayed, check if the LDAP Directory settings are correct and the try testing the directory again.