Best practices for unicast and multicast with Ghost
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Best practices for unicast and multicast with Ghost


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What are the guidelines for using unicast and multicast with Ghost?


Unicast is best when taking an image or when restoring an image to up to 5 computers at a time. If you have routers or switches that are not configured for multicast, use unicast. In some cases you may be able to ghost across a WAN, but it is not recommended. Check the document 'Can Ghost be used across a Wide Area Network ( WAN ) ?' at

  • For more than 5 computers at a time, use multicasting or directed broadcast. Routers and switches typically are not pre-configured for use with multicast.
  • Directed broadcast is basically multicasting to a particular subnet.

NOTE: Typically, when configuring multicasting on routers and switches, include configuration for IGMP. See the document 'Ghost compatibility with IGMP' at

NOTE: Regardless of which type of communication you choose, a network can get flooded when Ghost is left unthrottled. Check the document 'Throttling Symantec Ghost to reduce the load on the network' at

Title: 'Information on configuring Multicast on routers, hubs, switches, and so on' at