sched.nikusl shows at bottom of browser opening projects in OWB and MSP
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sched.nikusl shows at bottom of browser opening projects in OWB and MSP


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When you use Internet Explorer, projects open automatically when using the "Open in Scheduler" (to Open Workbench or Microsoft Project), but not when you use Firefox or Chrome. In Chrome, a sched.nikusl file shows at the bottom that you have to click on to launch the project in MSP. How can you open them automatically when using those browsers?


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: Clarity Microsoft Project Interface


When using the "Open in Scheduler" option, a .nikusl file is downloaded for the CA PPM Schedule Connect application to open the appropriate project in the scheduler of choice. Internet Explorer will open this file by default, but Firefox or Chrome will download the file by default.


In order to open this file automatically:


  1. By default, Firefox will ask if you want to open the file or save it to your downloads folder.
  2. Check the "Do this automatically for files like this from now on" checkbox to set it as a new default option:


  • Chrome will download the file by default, but it can be chosen to "Always open files of this type" automatically by right clicking on Downloads that appears on top right side corner:

Note: These files will still be downloaded to your computer, regardless of the browser and settings used, like Internet Explorer does on its temporary files folder.

  • All the above depends on your browser settings.
  • Please check with the browser vendor on how to adjust those settings if they have already been customized or for additional information.

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