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Symantec VIP Enterprise Gateway end-of-support announcement of 9.8.3 and earlier versions


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VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.9.x FAQ and end-of-support\end-of-life announcement of 9.8.3 and earlier versions.


VIP Enterprise Gateway


VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.8.3 and older will no longer be supported after April 30, 2020. Broadcom technical support will advise organizations to upgrade to the latest available VIP Enterprise Gateway. 

This FAQ is provided to help you estimate and plan for an upgrade to VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.9.x.

Q. When does support for 9.8.4 end? 

Currently, 9.8.4 is a supported version. When an end-of-support announcement is made, this article will be updated with that information. 

Q. How can I upgrade to the latest version of VIP Enterprise Gateway?

Full instructions for upgrading to the latest version of Symantec VIP Enterprise Gateway are available on the Symantec VIP documentation page. Select VIP Enterprise Gateway from this page.

Q. VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.7 Self Service IdP Proxy Service is discontinued. Will this be supported?

Self Service Proxy (SSP IdP Proxy) has been discontinued and is no longer included with VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.8 and later. As an alternative to the SSP IdP Proxy service, you can protect your IdPs URLs behind a reverse proxy application such as ADFS Web Application Proxy (Windows) or Squid (Linux). For more information, refer to the SSP online help (About the Self-Service Portal) and the Support Knowledge Base (SSP IdP Proxy version 9.7 compatibility with VIP Enterprise Gateway version 9.8).

Q. Does an upgrade require downtime, and if so, for how long?

Allow a minimum of 30 minutes per server to perform the upgrade. Admins should perform upgrade testing on non-production servers. 

Q. Where can I download third-party application integration guides for VIP Enterprise Gateway?

All VIP documentation is accessible on the Symantec VIP documentation page. PDF versions are available on the Related Documents page.