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IT Management Suite


This cumulative point fix contains fixes for SMP and other Solutions for issues provided to customers POST-8.5 RU1 until ITMS 8.5 RU2 or later is installed.

These are the fixes contained (each section contains its own set of fixes. Install those that you need from the respective zip files below):



SMP (Symantec Management Platform) and SMA (Symantec Management Agent) Fixes:

Agents are causing traffic to domain controllers that is causing the domain controllers to be overwhelmed N/A
When you save a report as a CSV file it puts a leading comma in the CSV file. When you import this into Excel it throws the columns off N/A
Error when clicking edit for an MSI command line: ctrlAccordion: ReferenceError: 'ctrlAccordion_expdUninstallOptions' is undefined 173587
Unable to add computer to organizational group as non-admin N/A
SMA agent changes needed to address merging issues N/A
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 Bulletin MS19-02-VL2019 fails to install. Error codes returned to agent include 1603 and 1638 N/A
Less than sign in a Token is replaced with #%cLt#% after save Changes is selected N/A
Modifications made in the DS token UI are difficult to do because the text is not modified where the cursor is placed N/A
Add Remove Programs data is not fully captured by a full Software Inventory (Software Discovery) - Installed Software captures correctly 174037
SMA takes over 20 minutes to start. 752 connection profiles N/A

See attached ""
Install instructions are under Readme.pdf inside this attachment.


INVpack (Inventory Solution Pack for Servers) Fixes:

We have added ability to collect SQL information for 2017 and 2019 using inventory pack for servers agent N/A

See attached ""


DS (Deployment Solution) Fixes:
Click here to read Instructions on how to install pointfix

Token Replacement in Unattend File during build sometimes are blank 173502

See attached '​'





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