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Advanced Support Covered Products & Language Support


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Symantec Products Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally) CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally) DX NetOps AppNeta CA Spectrum CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration CA Automic Dollar Universe CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Broadcom Strategic Customer Success has an advanced support offering - a Designated Support Engineer (DSE).

  • Designated Support Engineer (DSE) offering: The DSE is an assigned product specialist, who serves as a designated technical point of contact to assist customers with their Broadcom product solution and manage their overall technical support experience for a specific product/product family listed below, as selected by the customer to be covered under these services. Point products are sold in a bundle. DSE’s are sold per point product, not to cover the entire licensed bundle offering.

NOTE: Below are current available DSEs, and their covered product/solution. If there is a DSE not listed that you are interested in, please contact your Broadcom Account Manager.  [Broadcom Account Managers, please contact your Customer Success Offerings team.]

Customers are encouraged to periodically review this list of covered products, which may be revised and updated by Broadcom from time to time without notice.


Advanced Support - List of DSE Offerings 

All Available SKUs are listed in our pricebooks.


DSE Solution  Covered Products within Solution ** Value Stream
Data Security (DS) Critical System Protection (CSP), CSP Client, CSP Monitoring, Data Center Security (DCS) Monitoring, DCS Server, DCS Server Advanced, Endpoint Hardening (App Control / App Iso), Cloud Workload Protection Compute (CWP-C), Industrial Control System Protection (iCSP), Endpoint Application Control policies within Symantec Endpoint Security Complete (SESC) Endpoint Security
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) EDR, Endpoint Detection and Response policies within Symantec Endpoint Security Complete (SESC) Endpoint Security
Endpoint Protection (SEP) Endpoint Protection, SEP Policies within Symantec Endpoint Security Complete (SESC), Symantec Insight for Private Clouds (SIPC)

Endpoint Security

Mobile Threat Defense SEP Mobile, Endpoint Protection Mobile policies within Symantec Endpoint Security Complete (SESC)

Endpoint Security

Protection Engine (SPE) Protection Engine for Cloud Services, Protection Engine for NAS, Protection Engine for Sharepoint, Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Endpoint Security
Email.Cloud Email Security.Cloud, Email Threat Detection and Response, Email Threat Isolation Service, Policy Based Encryption, Phishing Readiness

Network Security

Edge SWG (Proxy) ProxySG, ProxyVA, ProxyAV, Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG), Content Analysis System (CAS), SSLV, Reporter, Management Center, Integrated Secure Gateway (ISG)

Network Security

Secure Access Cloud (SAC) Secure Access Cloud (SAC) Network Security
Web Isolation Web Isolation (Fireglass) Network Security
Cloud SWG (WSS) Web Security Services (Cloud), Cloud Mobility Service, Hosted Reporting Module, Cloud Services Suite, WSSA Network Security
New! Web Protection Cloud SWG, ProxySG, ProxyVA, ProxyAV, Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG) ISG, Content Analysis System (CAS), Management Center VA, Reporter VA, Intelligence Services - Advanced, High Risk Isolation Network Security
New! Network Protection Cloud SWG, ProxySG, ProxyVA, ProxyAV, Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG) ISG, Content Analysis System (CAS), Management Center VA, Reporter VA, Intelligence Services - Advanced, High Risk Isolation, Secure Access Cloud, Web Isolation, Malware Analysis Network Security

Data Loss Prevention - Cloud (DLP-Cloud)

(Replaced CASB DSE)

CASB Audit, Detect, Protect, Investigate, Gatelet, Securlet, DLP Cloud Detection Service, DLP Cloud Service for Email, Data Loss Prevention Cloud Detection Service for ICAP, Data Loss Prevention Cloud Detection Service for REST Information Security

Data Loss Prevention - Core (DLP-Core)

(Replaced DLP DSE)

DLP Cloud Prevent for Microsoft Office 365, DLP Endpoint Discover, DLP Endpoint Prevent, DLP Network Discover, DLP Network Monitor, DLP Network Prevent for Email, DLP Network Prevent for Web, DLP Network Protect, Information Security
Advanced Authentication Advanced Authentication SiteMinder-AA-VIP
Identity Authentication Services (IAS) Authentication Service, Validation & ID Protection (VIP) SiteMinder-AA-VIP
SiteMinder SiteMinder (formally Single Sign On (SSO)) SiteMinder-AA-VIP
Application Performance Management (APM) Application Performance Management (APM), App Synthetic Monitor (ASM), and Application Experience Analytics (AXA) Essentials
Control Compliance Suite (CCS)

Control Compliance Suite, CCS Assessment Manager, CCS Policy Manager, CCS Risk Manager, CCS Standards Manager, CCS Vulnerability Manager

DX Operational Intelligence DX Operational Intelligence Essentials
Endpoint Management Asset Management Suite, Client Management Suite, Deployment Solution, Ghost Solution Suite, Inventory Solution, IT Management Suite, Patch Management Solution, Server Management Suite, ServiceDesk Essentials
Encryption Drive Encryption (formerly Whole Disk Encryption), Encryption Management Server (formerly Universal Server), Endpoint Encryption, File Share Encryption (formerly NetShare), Gateway Email Encryption (formerly Universal Gateway Email, PGP Key Management Server, Mobile Encryption for IOS, PGP Command Line, PGP Viewer for Android Essentials
Messaging Gateway Messaging Gateway for Service Provider, Messaging Gateway powered by Brightmail, Messaging Gateway Small Business Edition powered by Brightmail,  Essentials
Security Analytics Security Analytics Essentials
Service Management Service Management, Service Desk Manager, Service Catalog Essentials 
Service Virtualization Service Virtualization and Agile Requirements Designer (ARD) Essentials
Test Data Manager (TDM) Test Data Manager Essentials
Unified Infrastructure Management Unified Infrastructure Management Essentials
Identity Manager Identity Manager IDM-PAM-APIM-DIR
Privileged Access Management Privileged Access Management IDM-PAM-APIM-DIR
Clarity on Premise Clarity on Premise ValueOps
Clarity SaaS Clarity SaaS ValueOps
Rally on Premise Rally on Premise ValueOps
Rally SaaS Rally SaaS ValueOps
DX NetOps  Spectrum, Network Flow Analysis, Performance Management, Virtual Network Assurance, Mediation Manager NetOps
Performance Management Performance Management, Virtual Network Assurance NetOps
Spectrum Infrastructure Manager Spectrum Infrastructure Manager, Virtual Network Assurance NetOps
AppNeta AppNeta NetOps
Automic Automation Intelligence Automic Automation Intelligence Automation
Automic Workload Automation Automic Workload Automation Automation
Autosys Workload Automation AE Autosys Workload Automation AE Automation
Dollar Universe Workload Automation Dollar Universe Workload Automation Automation
ESP dSeries Workload Automation ESP dSeries Workload Automation Automation
Process Automation Process Automation Automation
**Products not listed are not covered by the DSE, and will receive support from Broadcoms Strategic Support Team.


Language Support

Please note that Premium Support will be provided in English. Broadcom will make commercially reasonable efforts to accommodate local language requirements, when possible, during local Regional Business Hours; however, some products may only be supported in English. Please refer to the Contact Support page for standard languages and business hours in your region.