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FEATURE REQUEST: Add feature Parity for Symantec File Share Encryption Standalone clients for White and Blacklisting applications.


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Currently, Symantec File Share Encryption has the ability to prevent Decryption or Encryption when certain applications are involved, such as Outlook, ftp, etc.  This functionality exists only with the managed client when communicating with the Symantec Encryption Management Server.

The behavior that files are automatically decrypted depending on how and where the files are moved to is known behavior and is working by design. For more information on these behaviors, please see article TECH149867.

The following is the feature in question on Symantec Encryption Management Server under Consumer Policy, Desktop Settings, File Share:

"Prevent the automatic decryption of files by the following applications"

Other options that may be needed, but may be less important as Standalone users have full control over what is being encrypted, or decrypted within the file system on a manual basis are the following:

"Prevent the encryption of files in the following folders".
"Force the encryption of files in the following folders".

A Feature Request was submitted for this functionality.

Support has worked directly with Product Management and has determined this feature will not be included at this time.  Please subscribe to this article for any updates.  To be added to this Feature Request, please contact support who will track specific customer requests therein.

Etrack: 3919842

Several Feature Requests have been logged surrounding this behavior and to prevent the automatic decryption behavior.  For more information on these requests, please visit the following articles:

TECH229057 - FEATURE REQUEST: Prevent any applications from automatically decrypting File Share Encrypted files when handled by third-party applications
TECH181705 - FEATURE REQUEST: Encryption is not maintained when sending a Symantec File Share Encryption (previously PGP NetShare) protected file as an email attachment