How can I get the Clarity MSP Connector download?
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How can I get the Clarity MSP Connector download?


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


  • We are looking to update the connector for Clarity-MSP integration.
  • Can you provide a link to download the Clarity MSP Connector/schedule connect package or other Clarity versions?


Release : All Supported Releases



Option 1: Download from Clarity PPM (For both SaaS and On Premise customers)

1. Ensure you have the following global access right: Software Download - Microsoft Project Interface

2. Download the MSP file from Clarity PPM via Home->Account settings->Software downloads.
Important: Make sure you download the bit level of the MSP Interface that matches your MSP bit level
x86 version for MSP bit level 32
  • x64 version for MSP bit level 64
3. Uninstall any prior versions of the MSP Interface (all 3 components) and OWB

Note: Prior to uninstalling OWB:

  • Make a backup of any views you may have saved in the folders if they are still there
  • Uninstall any prior OWB components from the workstation (including both Open Workbench and Schedule Connect)

4. Run the MSP exe and then go through the installation prompts to install the MSP Interface

Option 2: Clarity PPM media (On Premise customers)

  1. Navigate to Clients\MSPInterface\New
  2. Click mspsetup.exe.
  3. Run the Schedule Connect installation manually. It does not run automatically as it does with the first option

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