MSP: Some fixed work tasks durations are changing
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MSP: Some fixed work tasks durations are changing


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


The Durations are changing to a shorter duration (Finish date is earlier then expected).Issue happen s when project is exported to Microsoft Project (MSP)  


This issue can happen if the amount of work assigned to the resource during the duration is less than their available hours.

Example for a Resource assigned 10 hours of work for a 5 day duration Fixed Work task (With no actual work completed):

The task will be autoscheduled to have the user work 8 hours on the first day of the task and 2 hours the second day which results in a 1.25 duration.


To keep the durations from changing:

  • Set the amount of remaining work to match the expected duration (IE 5 day Duration for task, then add 40 hours of remaining work)
  • Another option is to switch to fixed duration as that keeps durations from changing in most scenarios. Note: If the resource is overallocated, the duration can still get pushed out

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