ETCs are missing for one task in MSP after exporting from Clarity PPM


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Clarity PPM On Premise


  • When exporting a project from Clarity PPM to Microsoft Project (MSP), the task is changing the ETC to 0 for a fixed work task with an assignment
  • Checking further, the allocation for the resource is showing as 0% in the Resource column in MSP



1. The max % Load / units for that the assignment is set as 0


2. MSP Assignment Units Mapping with PPM Assignment is checked on the Administration side of Clarity

This combination means that when the project is exported to MSP, it looks at the max % load value in Clarity, and not the team allocation value.

  • Where to check the admin setting that shows it's pulling from max % Load
    • In Administration->Project Management->Settings, check the check box for 'MSP Assignment Units Mapping with PPM Assignment ‘Max % Load'’
  • Then to check the Max % Load for the assignment:
    • In PPM go to a task that has the issue, and click Options->Configure in the Assignments section of the task
    • Bring ‘Max % Load’ over to 'Selected Columns' and save


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1. Export project from Clarity PPM to MSP

2. Uncheck the milestone checkbox that the task may get set to as part of the issue because it was changing to 0 day duration because of the 0 allocation

3. Chang the user's assignment units to 100 for the task (double click on task and click on Resources tab and update the units there)

4. Update the dates of the task and ETC to desired amounts

5. Save changes back to Clarity PPM

Additional Information

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